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For years, Jeep has dominated the off roading scene with various souped up versions of the Wrangler that feature the suspension upgrades and granny gear necessary to make a vehicle truly exceptional over all terrain. But with SUVs going crossover, and midsize trucks trying to find a niche to fit into, some of the most exciting developments for off road enthusiasts are coming in the area of midsize trucks that offer trim levels replete with all the basic features necessary to take your vehicle where other vehicles dare not go. So which ones are the best for 2017?

#1. Toyota Forerunner TRD Pro

2017 models of the Forerunner, Tacoma, and Tundra offer the TRD Pro off roading trim that features some of the best off roading features that you can find. Grand Rapids Toyota dealerships may not necessarily be well stocked with TRD Pro packages that you can drive off the lot, but for those that take offroading seriously, know that Toyota does too. The Forerunner makes the top of this list because off roading enthusiasts aren’t big on giving up on the notion that a true off roading vehicle is a true SUV. Toyota’s Trail package includes locking rear differentials, and Crawl Control (which is cruise control for all terrains). The TRD Pro package replaces the sport suspension with Eibach coils and remote reservoir Bilstein shocks.

#2. Chevy Colorado ZR2

Midsize pickups are not huge draws to Americans who prefer their pickups as big and heavy duty as they can be. But Chevy has played it smart here by offering their best off roading vehicle in years by equipping its Colorado’s ZR2 trim with all the goodies necessary to take it over rocky terrain. Another thing the Colorado has going for it is gas mileage, a feature not typically associated with good off here roading vehicles. But Chevy offers the Colorado in diesel only giving it a one up on other brands and earning it the number 2 spot.

#3. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Edition

For purists, the Wrangler is the only option on the list and for years has set the benchmark for off roading capability. In 2017, there are a number of eager competitors looking to rewrite the future of off roading capability, and while other vehicles may overshadow it in terms of forward thinking, Jeep still makes the cream of the crop in terms of off roading hardware. That being said, the TRD package from Toyota, and the Colorado ZR2 package from Chevy offer better overall vehicles. For years the story has been that the better a vehicle is for off roading, the worse it is in terms of regular driving. While that may be true of the Wrangler, it isn’t true of the Forerunner or the Colorado.

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